Busan Opera House – South Korea

Courtesy of TASK Architects
Year : 2011
By TASK Architects: Khaled ElAshry - Taymour Senbel – Ahmed Badr ElDin - Aya Ibrahim
Project Location: Busan, South Korea
Website: http://www.bohcompetition.org

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Archidaily - PlusMood - Evolo

Manhattan Promenades - MIT USA

Open Air Performance Space. Traces of the removed buildings are used to define a new architecture of the public, in the negative (inverted) space of the street.
Year : 2011
Team Work
Tutors : Nida Rehman + Daniel Cardoso Llach
                Partisipants  : Natalia Bartolomeo - Brazil + Aya Fujimoto - Japan + Benson Gillepsie - USA 
                                      Cheng Wei Lo - Taiwan  +  Luz Jimenez - Spain + Shahrzad Rahmani - Germany
                                      Linde Van Reeth - Belgium + Monon bin Yunus - Bangladesh + Khaled ElAshry - Egypt

Location : Archiprix International Workshop 2011 at MIT university  , Cambridge ,USA
Project Location: New York NY ,USA

The Euro NODE – Belguim

BCH EURONODE creative documents_Page_06

Year : 2011
Team Work: Architect :Taymour Senbel – Mirhan Damir
Location: Brussels – Belgium
Website: BCH

The Euro-Node
In order to imagine the future, we have to determine what one’s present needs!
Brussels, being the constitutional capital of Belgium has been privileged along the centuries. It is not only the capital of its own country but also the capital of the whole European Union. It has aroused to host most of the EU activities and has succeeded to imprint its importance on the European map.