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Busan Opera House – South Korea

Courtesy of TASK Architects
Year : 2011
By TASK Architects: Khaled ElAshry - Taymour Senbel – Ahmed Badr ElDin - Aya Ibrahim
Project Location: Busan, South Korea

Featured in
Archidaily - PlusMood - Evolo

Manhattan Promenades - MIT USA

Open Air Performance Space. Traces of the removed buildings are used to define a new architecture of the public, in the negative (inverted) space of the street.
Year : 2011
Team Work
Tutors : Nida Rehman + Daniel Cardoso Llach
                Partisipants  : Natalia Bartolomeo - Brazil + Aya Fujimoto - Japan + Benson Gillepsie - USA 
                                      Cheng Wei Lo - Taiwan  +  Luz Jimenez - Spain + Shahrzad Rahmani - Germany
                                      Linde Van Reeth - Belgium + Monon bin Yunus - Bangladesh + Khaled ElAshry - Egypt

Location : Archiprix International Workshop 2011 at MIT university  , Cambridge ,USA
Project Location: New York NY ,USA